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From my first book – Why my horse doesn’t smile – Learn to serve your customers
A few stories as excerpts from the book: Why My Horse Doesn’t Smile – Learn to serve your customer

Getting Ready
One day an infuriated customer visited the outlet. His mobile was giving him problems for the last few days. Hence, he decided to go to the service center. He reached the service center and saw an unshaven person in jeans and sports shoes. The customer thought that the person might be a peon and asked him for someone with whom he can share the problem he was facing with his handset. Instead, Raghav, the customer service associate started asking questions. The customer was bit hesitant to answer his questions as he was not expecting him to solve his problem. Therefore, he very candidly asked the customer service associate whether he was a peon. It was indeed embarrassing for the customer service associate to say, ‘No, I am the customer service associate.’

Learning: Prepare (Get dressed formally, shave daily and comb your hair) well for the job.

Jerking the hair
Rahul, a customer service executive of a reputed telecom company, had the habit of jerking his hair backwards. One day, Mr Ramendra Tiwari, a high profile customer, got out of his car and entered the store. He had some billing problems that he was discussing with another executive. e was also observing Rahul for a while. Suddenly, he asked Rahul, ‘Are you a hero?’ Rahul gasped and asked, ‘Why do you feel so?’ Mr. Tiwari replied, ‘Because since the past fifteen minutes I have been and observing you have jerked your hairs twelve times’. What if a similar incident occurs with you? I am sure, apart from irritating customers it will certainly make you feel embarrassed.

Learning: Keep a track of your habits. They might irritate a customer.

Smile – It makes the difference
It was a dull day, with hardly any customers walking into the store. Simran was the executive present in the store and all of a sudden she saw an angry customer walking. From his looks it was clear that he was disgusted. This made Simran feel a bit nervous. However, she remembered the discussion which she had during the morning meeting, i.e. to be confident while attending to a customer and to welcome the customer with a smile.

The moment the customer reached her desk, she greeted him with a smiling face. The expression on the customer face started to mellowdown. Simran retained the smile on her face and explained to the customer the reason for not being able to make or receive calls. The customer appreciated the explanation that by mistake he had switched the line 1 to 2 on his mobile phone which lead to the problem. He thanked Simran for being so helpful and walked away with a smile on his face.

Learning: Smiling face helps to calm down an angry customer.