“Neelesh brings a rich experience from BPO, and Telecom industry. He is an excellent trainer with great oration skills and in-depth understanding of training and development. Neelesh and I wrote the book, Why My Horse Doesn’t Smile together. I was impressed with his ability to relate real life examples with the various concepts related to customer service. Neelesh is an extremely soft spoken facilitator who enthralls his audience; a good human being and an excellent person.”
: Mr. Vivek Mehrotra, VP – L&OD – Janalakshmi Financial Services

“Neelesh is a matured professional with strong credentials in his area. He manages his time well and understands and is clearly able to manage critical and important activities. He is adaptable and resourceful which is very useful in his role and current environment. He is a team player and can be a good mentor with his knowledge which he does not shy away from sharing and helping others. As a people manager, he proved to be a manager who understands the needs of his team members and demonstrated ability to get the best of his team members. He will always value add to any team that he is part of.”
:Mr. Ravi Singh, Whole-time Director & Chief Business Officer, Itzcash Cards

“I met Neelesh in 2004 and it has been 6 years since we are connected with each other.
I have seen him graduating to a front line sales and service trainer to a coach, to an author and on the personal front moving from happy bachelorhood to married life.
Since we have been friends also outside worklife and I have huge regards for Neelesh as a human being so please excuse me if I am biased while highlighting his strengths
1. Phenomenal Interpersonal Skills
2. Highly Analytical in the way he goes about listening and solving a problem
3. Always ready to learn
4. Knows how to balance professional and personal life.
I am yet to come across any individual who has said anything bad about Neelesh”
: Mr. Akshay Seth, Head of Operations, Centum Learning Ltd.

“Neelesh is an epitome of adaptability. I know Neelesh for a good 5 years now. As a colleague who was responsible for Neelesh’s performance, I would say two things: a) He would never give unwanted surprises to his team and his colleagues and b) When it comes to Neelesh, question his logic; never question his intention.
Neelesh is in control of his direction, his intent, his effort and is always ready to help you on personal level. Among the people I managed by far, I would remember Neelesh every time I have difficult times at work and I need a dependable, capable friend. Caliber shows.”
: Mr. Rajan Kanda, Executive & Strategy Leader

“I now know Neelesh for more than 5 years and can confidently say that he is a manager with an eye for detail and is a thorough SME!
His in depth understanding of the market working, which is an advantage for his area of expertise. He is an asset for any organization!”
: Mr. Ashvini Kumar – AVP – Sales & Distribution – UP-East, Telenor India

Neelesh’s book: Corporate Anecdotes:
“Learning and Knowing Corporate in the way of short stories is better than in the way of Conventional Concepts/Theories, I would recommend this book for Corporate professionals and budding Entrepreneurs,
# Management Faculty & Students use this stories for knowing better about organizational behavior concept.”
: Mr. Ravishankar S on 14 December 2017